VIVA VIVALDI - THE FOUR SEASONS MYSTESTERY videoinstallation Museo Diocesano Venice

A video installation for an exhibition focused on an immersive journey dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi.
Marco Pozzi oversaw the construction of the central hall, the most intimate and reflective one.
An installation that combines the cinematic cut with an immersive experience and the museum installation approach.
The visitor’s gaze coincides with that of the child who is the protagonist of the installation. Inside his gaze there is all the imaginative power of Vivaldi, but also the fear of facing a life that hangs with the load of mystery of him.

A child suspended between fear and wonder, in an 18th century villa.
A young woman who runs, dances, attracts, runs away.
A large tree that comes back to life after the winter sleep, flooded
of spring sun.

The air, the flight, the movement are the expressive characteristics that Marco Pozzi has chosen for the video installation: “I did not use static shots.
I wanted to follow the airy rhythm, the continuous movement of Vivaldi’s scores, their gracefulness. I worked caressing the characters and spaces with the camera: everything moves, flies, light, light “.