PIETRO TRAVAGLINI Amadriadi collection

A fable. An enchanted forest peopled by nymphs that live in Trees. A visual vertigo.
vanished darkness is a riddle, the plot of a story from afar.
Interior woods scene: a woman, inured to the wild life of the wilderness, gazes at us.

She’s a Hamadryad, a nymph of the trees. She’s been like that for centuries, kissed by the scents of the earth and the beams of light through the leaves, wrapped up and shielded by branches of shrubs and by the barks of her shelter trees.

In her hands she holds the future: the new series of lamps by Pietro Travaglini, epitomes of hand-forged materials and tech, are solid, stylish, and light-bearing like women.

Turned into a fig tree by her lover Bacchus.

Turned into a lotus tree by the nymph Lotis, after she tore off a lotus blossom for her baby to play with.

The mulberry-bush nymph, daughter of Oxylos and Hamadryas.

The men forge the iron, building the mechanical theatre.


Project: Quelquechose
Project leader: Carlotta Colarossi
Art direction: Paolo Bazzani
Photos: Giovanni Gastel
Videoinstallations: Marco Pozzi

Backstage Shooting

Gif invitation

Marco Pozzi, Pietro Travaglini, Giovanni Gastel
Pietro Travaglini, Romeo Gigli, Marco Pozzi
Pietro Travaglini, Paolo Bazzani